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What is Outer Hell?

Welcome Future Plans
Outer Hell is a kik group at the moment, which is so all members can get to know each other before the entire thing becomes an actual military organization. If you're interested in joining, the owners kik is @joshuadenney . Outer Hell will eventually be a mercenary group that's working towards helping the world be a better place. If that fails, however, we'll be rebelling from the world, going into the darkness.


Leader: Josh Denney

Second in commands: Zane Jackson, Kaleb Robinson, Ethan Stephenson

cook/medic: Xiirae

developer: Ryan Jernigan

undecided: Melody Firestone



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  • No lurking
  • No breaking logic(wormholes at most, though)
  • if you want to kill another person's OC, ask for their permission.
  • No asking for "rank up"s(admin)
  • Once you pick a class, you cannot change it unless you quit O.H. entirely
  • If you argue, take it to pm or the banhammer gets food.
  • Once you finish the bio sheet and whatnot, send it to the kik account, joshuadenney and he'll determine whether or not it's acceptable.